Skills for Exam Success Series

‘Ms., how do I study for Junior Cycle exam?’ ‘What do I actually need to get a Distinction?’

As a teacher, you’ll be well used to these familiar refrains. They are the very questions our authors set out to answer, once and for all when developing the Skills for Exam Success series for Junior Cycle.

What are the Skills for Exam Success books?


Skills for Exam Success is a series of activity books to support preparation for the Junior Cycle exams. The whole idea is that students learn by doing.

Studying is a skill. With so many distractions nowadays, it’s hard to expect young students to absorb important information just by reading. By completing these books, your students hone their study skills and complete a very focused revision programme, in preparation for the final exam.

Are these books revision books?

These books aren’t traditional revision books (check out our Less Stress More Success series if you’re looking for revision notes). Skills for Exam Success books contain a range of practice questions specifically focused on the Learning Outcomes that will be tested.

These practice questions are scaffolded with things like annotated sample answers, Exam Hints and Remember tips. Revision aids, such as mind maps, support students in creating their own revision notes, to help reinforce learning.

For whom are the Skills for Exam Success books intended?

Generally, these Junior Cycle workbooks are used in 3rd Year, when most of the specifications have been covered and you want to start incorporating more revision and exam practice into your classes. However, many teachers favour using these books in 2nd Year to start preparations early.

For many teachers and students, these books are an enhanced alternative to exam papers. They include loads of exam-style questions but also provide scaffolding to support all learners in achieving their potential.

What subjects are covered?

JC HL English: Using her FIDOL answer technique (Focus, Ideas, Development, Organisation and Language), the legendary Pauline Kelly guides students on how to respond to Shakespeare, write about studied texts and write for a variety of purposes, amongst other things.

JC Science: Experienced examiner, Joelene Kearney, guides students in developing effective study aids, such as her innovative mind maps, for each topic. Students also practise responding to unfamiliar investigations and practical applications and performing calculations.

JC Geography: Best-selling authors of Cyclone, Stacy Kenny and Andrew Horan, provide focused practice of the GeoSkills, such as data, infographic and graph interpretation. Includes OS maps at 1:50000, 1:25000 and 1:10000 and sample answers with suggested marking schemes.

JC History: Stacy Stout, co-author of the market-leading Making History, provides extended answer checklists and structure strips to guide students as they learn to write historically. Source analysis is made more accessible with a step-by-step approach and comprehensive marking schemes are easily accessible via QR codes.

JC HL Irish: In Scileanna le hAghaidh Rath Scrúdaithe, Tomás Ó Madagáin provides a comprehensive practice book that builds the exam skills required by Higher Level (T2) students. The book includes a CBA section, PowerPoints and answers to all questions and revision is made fun with interactive games for all topics.

New for 2024! 👉 JC HL Maths and JC Business Studies

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