Skills for Exam Success Maths

Skills for Exam Success Maths is a guide to studying and perfecting valuable exam technique for the Junior Cycle Higher Level Maths exam

Skills for Exam Success Maths– Junior Cycle Higher Level Maths

Uniquely practical guide for the Higher Level exam includes vital exam technique advice and many opportunities to put learning into practice

  • Exam-focused workbook that perfects exam technique and maximises marks in Higher Level Maths
  • Valuable source of additional sample questions and linked questions
  • Exam-focused tips, end-of-chapter summaries and video tutorials for all solutions

Key features

Supports independent revision

  • Graded questions, carefully scaffolded with teacher prompts
  • Summary Reviews highlight exactly what material needs to be learned and what information is in the Formulae and Tables booklet
  • Annotated Worked Examples for all main points of learning
  • Learning Checklists help students track their progress through the course

Hones exam technique

  • Exam Hints help students in reading and attempting questions, and in showing full workings
  • Remember tips reinforce related learning across strands and provide definitions of key terms and symbols
  • Exam-Style Questions include Linked Questions which interconnect material from different strands
  • Workbook-style allows practice in writing answers in a specific template, as required by the exam