Word Wizard

2nd Class

Word Wizard for 2nd Class is a strategies-based activity book for teaching literacy skills, designed to be used with any core English programme.

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Word Wizard for Second Class follows a thematic approach, with themes spanning two units, allowing for easy planning. Learning outcomes from the Primary Language Curriculum are referenced on each page. It includes:

  • A fully integrated Literacy Skills and Activities Book
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  • FREE digital teacher resources

The Word Wizard approach

Phonics Games

This book contains four different kinds of phonics games, one of which is used on the first page of every unit to introduce the sounds being taught. Nonsense words have been included in the games to encourage pupils to practise their decoding skills and to challenge those who have a tendency to learn words by sight.

Phonics linked with comprehension

Vocabulary containing the sounds taught within the unit has been incorporated into the comprehension reading passages wherever possible. This helps to bridge the gap between phonics and real reading practice, rather than teaching both in isolation.

Higher-order comprehension questions

At this level, pupils are being introduced to answering written, higher-order thinking questions.

Genre writing

Word Wizard for 2nd Class takes a unique approach to genre writing. The reading passage serves as a template for the genre. Discrete oral language activities act as building blocks for genre writing, and grammar activities are linked to the genre wherever appropriate.