Word Wizard

Junior Infants

Word Wizard for Junior Infants is a strategies-based activity book for teaching literacy skills, designed to be used with any core English programme.

The best choice for you and your class

Word Wizard for Junior Infants follows a thematic approach, with themes spanning two units, allowing for easy planning. Learning outcomes from the Primary Language Curriculum are referenced on each page. It includes:

  • A fully integrated Literacy Skills and Activities Book
  • FREE teacher eBook
  • FREE digital teacher resources

The Word Wizard approach


A comprehensive Aistear plan is provided for each month, in addition to integrating the theme throughout the corresponding unit where possible.

Engaging oral language activities

Each month begins with an exciting oral language activity based on the Aistear theme. The oral language lesson covers associated vocabulary, explores possible role-play scenarios and discusses suggested conversation language.

Flexible phonics approach

In Word Wizard Junior Infants, a flexible phonics approach has been adopted to cater for schools that focus only on the 26 letters of the alphabet, as well as schools that also teach digraphs at this level. The 26 letters of the alphabet are covered in the activity book and worksheets for digraphs are provided in the online resources.

Genre writing

Word Wizard Junior Infants covers the genres of recount, writing to socialise, report and narrative. Genre writing is integrated with the various themes throughout each book. Each activity is accompanied by online teaching notes and templates for use on the interactive whiteboard. Some genres are further consolidated through play and may be found referenced as activities within Aistear plans.