Word Wizard

4th Class

Word Wizard for 4th Class is a strategies-based activity book for teaching literacy skills, designed to be used with any core English programme.

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Word Wizard for Fourth Class follows a thematic approach, with themes spanning two units, allowing for easy planning. Learning outcomes from the Primary Language Curriculum are referenced on each page. It includes:

  • A fully integrated Literacy Skills and Activities Book
  • FREE teacher eBook
  • FREE digital teacher resources

The Word Wizard approach

Comprehension strategies

Having been introduced to all comprehension strategies in Word Wizard 3rd Class, in this book pupils are exposed to a variety of engaging activities designed to foster their comprehension skills before, during and after reading. Care has been taken to make these activities as general as possible so that they may be applied to other texts such as a class novel.

Vocabulary development

A stop sign appears before each comprehension reading passage, asking pupils to use their dictionary to find out the meaning of the words in bold in the text before reading. This is designed to facilitate the teaching of tricky vocabulary prior to reading the text.

Cloze procedure

A cloze procedure closely linked to the reading passage has been included in many of the units. This allows for much-needed practice, helps with confidence-building and develops familiarity with cloze procedures.

Genre writing

Word Wizard for 4th Class takes a unique approach to genre writing. The reading passage serves as a template for the genre. Discrete oral language activities act as building blocks for genre writing, and grammar activities are linked to the genre wherever appropriate.