Super Sleuth

6th Class

Super Sleuth for 6th Class is a unique maths book that gives pupils and teachers strategies to effectively develop problem-solving skills.

The ideal problem-solving solution

Super Sleuth for 6th Class is a unique maths book that gives pupils and teachers strategies to effectively develop problem-solving skills. Designed to be used hand-in-hand with any core maths programme, it is the ideal problem-solving solution for your classroom. It includes:

  • Pupils' books from 1st to 6th Class
  • FREE digital resources
  • FREE teacher eBook
  • Answers to all problems
  • Downloadable problem-solving framework posters

Problem-solving strategies

Problem-solving requires pupils to understand and explore a problem, find a strategy, use the strategy to solve the problem and look back and reflect on the solution. Super Sleuth for 6th Class focuses on the process of problem-solving and development of the ten main problem-solving strategies. The series has regular built-in revision units, which consolidate problem-solving skills.

Super Sleuth's ten problem-solving strategies