Politics and Society Now

Most comprehensive and up-to-date package for Leaving Cert Politics and Society with current examples, case studies and statistics.

Politics & Society Now

Unique! annual digital updates will ensure that material stays fresh and relevant.

  • Only comprehensive, up-to-date package written for Leaving Cert Politics and Society
  • Unrivalled exam focus! Written by experienced examiners
  • Student-focused approach and design

Why Politics & Society Now

Student-focused approach and design

  • Key Terms and definitions, frequent use of tables and bullet points and chapter summaries
  • Class Discussions, Research Activities, Key Debates, Think Pair Share exercises and Group Work promote critical thinking, discussion and debating skills
  • Key Thinker fact files provide useful summaries and help interlink different areas of the course
  • Case Studies provide different perspectives on issues studied
  • Infographics, charts and graphs, and cartoons for frequent media and data analysis

Unrivalled exam focus

  • UNIQUE Annotated sample answers and essay plans, exam tips and marking scheme information
  • Differentiated Focus Questions, Short-Answer Questions, Discursive Essays and Data-Based Questions
  • Data-Based Analysis, Effective Discursive Essays and the Citizenship Project Report