My Wellbeing Journey 2nd Edition

This updated edition provides everything you need to meet curricular requirements, teach the SPHE course effectively and support student wellbeing

My Wellbeing Journey 2nd Edition for First Year and Second Year

Book 3 for Third Year coming SPRING 2025!

  • Most up-to-date series with all the support you need to confidently teach the new Junior Cycle SPHE course
  • Course broken down into easy-to-use units of learning
  • Tested lessons that are relevant and age-appropriate
  • Uses the spiral approach which evolves to reflect students’ growing maturity

Why My Wellbeing Journey 2nd Edition?

Relevant and age-appropriate for students; ready to use for teachers

  • Carefully reviewed and tested to ensure lessons are relevant and appropriate for the target year group
  • Each lesson is divided into activities which can easily be adjusted to suit your class time and context
  • Activity-led approach includes Class Discussions, Hive Mind brainstorms, Individual Activities, Pairs and Group Work, making for engaging, accessible lessons
  • Lesson reflections help foster the reflective skills required for the CBA
  • Bridge the Generation Gap activities support home-school communication and partnership in the teaching of this important subject

Fully in line with all recent NCCA guidance on the teaching of JC SPHE

  • Course is broken into Units of Learning, bringing together relevant Learning Outcomes and Wellbeing Indicators
  • Assessment sections with advice and a choice of portfolio and action ideas for completing the CBA

Spiral approach reflects students’ growing maturity

  • Recommended spiral approach used with topics revisited in greater depth across the three years
  • Ready-to-use lessons on topical issues, notably relational bullying, digital wellbeing, body image, vaping, gender stereotypes in the media and period poverty