Music Maker

An exciting textbook and digital suite that develops musical skills through fun, engaging activities, while highlighting and reinforcing key learning for the Junior Cycle exam


Music Maker

  • Innovative spiral approach develops student’s core music skills and encourages them to explore their interests
  • Exciting and accessible teaching and student revision resource
  • Unrivalled digital offering will really enhance the teaching and learning of JC Music

Why Music Maker?

Innovative approach to teaching music

  • Material is carefully divided into three years accommodating a logical flow for teaching and planning
  • Emphasis on fundamental music theory and key skills required with each chapter focusing on a different musical ingredient

Exciting and accessible teaching and student-revision resource

  • Perform, Listen, Compose and Research activities support active learning: Going Solo activities can easily be completed independently
  • UNIQUE! What? So what? Now what? feature summarises all key information while the Putting it all together chapters support student revision
  • UNIQUE! Spacetime, Art of the Remix, Found Sounds composing projects and CBA 1 chapter provide guidance and inspiration for the Composition Portfolio
  • UNIQUE! My Songbook chapter includes a beautiful section of ukulele pieces, together with the CBA2 chapter, provides step-by-step support for practical exams.
  • Canon chapters in 3rd Year bring together key learning