Making History 2nd edition

Making History 2nd edition for Junior Cycle History is a new edition that’s been crafted to meet your specific needs.

Making History 2nd edition – Complete Junior Cycle History

Making History has been the most successful Junior Cycle History textbook to date. This updated edition includes more choice, assessment opportunities and student focus.

From the same remarkable author team – DERMOT LUCEY and STACY STOUT

We listened to you!

Now that we’ve seen some sample papers and you’ve had time to use the book and give us feedback, it’s time for a new edition that’s been crafted to meet your specific needs.

  • NEW! Learning Outcomes given in full at the start of each chapter
  • Same great chronological approach but now with separate chapters on: Health and Medicine, Crime and Punishment, Work and Leisure (in eBook) and Technology and Historical Change (See pages 449–490)
  • NEW! More choice
  • NEW! More assessment opportunities – Formative Assessing Your Learning questions, review questions, solutions and sample answers, online quizzes and assessment material on CBAs
  • NEW! More student-focused textbook– More visual sources; sources have annotations and scaffolded questions; definitions of keywords; more guided analysis of sources; summaries and key terms