Foghlaim agus Cleachtadh

Foghlaim agus Cleachtadh expertly decodes Irish grammar and provides lots of practice for students, building invaluable skills for their exams

Foghlaim agus Cleachtadh

Irish grammar for Junior Cycle and Leaving Cert

  • Answer booklet provided with answers for all questions
  • Over 2,800 exercises, with each chapter moving from easy to more difficult topics
  • Fun, interactive online grammar games and presentations for each chapter
  • Workbook approach reinforces student learning
  • Exam-style questions for the Junior Cycle, and Leaving Cert Questions 6a and 6b (including sample answers)

Foghlaim agus Cleachtadh provides:

  • List of grammar terms
  • Clear and concise rules
  • Graded exercises
  • Junior Cycle examination questions
  • Leaving Cert examination Questions 6a and 6b
  • Colourful design and images liven up the topics, helping to engage students