Fire and Ice 2nd edition

Best-selling and much-loved Fire and Ice series for Junior Cycle English, updated and enhanced to ensure success

Fire and Ice 2nd edition – Junior Cycle English

This update to the best-selling, much-loved Fire and Ice series fosters both exam skills and the joy of the English classroom. Incorporating valuable feedback from teachers using it in the classroom, it has been enhanced and designed to ensure success!

  • Increased exam focus
  • Each thematic collection has a strong genre focus teaching theme, with a specific genre
  • NEW! Writing Skills Books hone language skills, provide scaffolding, and support differentiation

Fire and Ice 1 and 2

  • Thematic collections have been given a new dominant genre focus
  • Learning Outcomes are clearly highlighted and broken down into student-friendly Learning Intentions
  • Fresh choice of texts will appeal to learners of all abilities
  • Prepare, Engage and Create activities cater for different abilities
  • Mind Your Language sections systematically teach grammar and punctuation
  • PIE, RAFT and CCMC strategies are taught
  • Show What You Know tasks have a new focus on self- and peer-assessment

Fire and Ice 1

Fire and Ice 1 is an exciting textbook for students of Junior Cycle First Year English. This update to the series develops oral, reading and writing skills and brings joy to the English classroom.

Fire and Ice 2

Fire and Ice 2 completes the Junior Cycle English course for Second and Third Year students. This update to the series continues to fire a passion for English and supports all students in achieving success.