Business for Success

Business for Success is an exam-focused textbook that presents the Leaving Certificate Business syllabus comprehensively to Higher and Ordinary Level students.

Business for Success – Leaving Certificate Business

Business for Success is written in a deliberate, direct and simple style to ensure that it is totally accessible to all students, while being detailed enough for Higher Level students to achieve top marks.

  • Up to date with the latest on GDPR, legislation, Brexit, ICT, digital marketing, international trade agreements, domestic economy, emerging industries, etc.
  • Exam-focused with current real-world examples, evaluations, exam questions/notes, key word summaries, optimised ABQ method, revision checklists and exam guides
  • Integrated package with a Short-Answer Question Handbook and comprehensive Teacher’s Digital Library of resources to inspire, engage and achieve maximum marks
  • Succinct, simple, effective language for mixed-ability teaching

Guiding students of Leaving Certificate Business to exam success!

Theory is presented with inspiring entrepreneurial examples and engaging student activities to support both teacher and student in a methodical and accessible manner.

  • Learning intentions use exam-style verbs to unpack the learning into manageable focused lessons for students
  • Ten-Minute Timer Tasks stimulate previous learning and provide an engaging introduction to new content
  • Definitions: in line with marking schemes and clearly marked throughout for learning and revision
  • A detailed step-by-step approach to obtaining full marks in the Higher Level Applied Business Question (ABQ)
  • Practice ABQ case studies: to prepare students for this compulsory question
  • Cloze-Test Cases at the end of each chapter apply the theory to a business story to summarise key points of the chapter, engage the learner and facilitate revision
  • Exam Notes provide tips on getting top marks
  • Diagrams present information (spider diagrams, mind maps, etc.) and make it easier for students to remember the key points