Art Odyssey

Art Odyssey is the perfect introduction to Junior Cycle Visual Art for First Year students.

Art Odyssey – Junior Cycle Visual Art

This Visual Art Sketchpad guides each student through the art, craft and design strands and the elements of Junior Cycle Visual Art, while also providing a place for them to record their personal artistic journey.

  • A scaffolded Visual Art Sketchpad for First Year students that acts as a personal record of their artistic journey
  • Introduces the three strands and five elements of the specification through creative art activities, investigations and projects that develop the Key Skills
  • Guides students through the Visual Art process, encouraging them to work authentically as an artist, craftsperson or designer to prepare them for the CBAs
  • High-quality paper and wide pages suit experimentation with an extensive range of media

Take your students on an art odyssey into Junior Cycle Visual Art!

Art Odyssey will guide you through your first year of this wonderful subject, giving you opportunities to develop your artistic skills, explore your imagination and consider visual art in the world around you.

  • Develops students’ visual literacy and drawing skills
  • Provides engaging opportunities to explore different media, typography, the art elements and the design principles
  • Every activity develops the Key Skills of the Junior Cycle and fun investigations promote active individual and group learning
  • Historical and contemporary artworks from around the world are referenced throughout to promote art engagement and inspire students’ work
  • Guides students through each step of the Visual Art process showing them how to work like an artist, craftsperson or designer as they develop three projects from initial idea to realised artwork
  • Students are encouraged to reflect on their own work and to seek teacher and peer feedback