Winning Formula

A comprehensive textbook for Leaving Certificate Physical Education, written in line with the new specification, official SEC examinations, marking schemes and examiner’s report.

Winning Formula – Leaving Certificate Physical Education

Winning Formula is an innovative Leaving Certificate Physical Education package created to engage students and effectively prepare them for their examinations.

  • Exam-focused content is closely aligned to the learning outcomes and includes sample answers, key definitions, case studies, exam tips and short- and long-answer questions
  • A student-friendly approach with text broken into manageable chunks, bullet lists, tables, lots of strong visuals and chapter summaries
  • Integrated style, with links to the Physical Activity Project (PAP) and Performance Assessment (PA) throughout Strand 1, assists students in making the relevant connections and saves valuable class time!
  • QR codes link to test procedure videos, animated diagrams and animations

Why Winning Formula?

  • Exam tips, along with exam and sample questions and answers helping students to prepare efficiently for their exams
  • To prepare for the case study section of the exam paper, Winning Formula includes a case study at the end of every chapter
  • Stretch yourself extension tasks require students to think more critically and encourage deeper analysis and engagement with the learning outcomes
  • Short-answer and long questions are given at the end of each chapter to practice and hone exam knowledge and technique
  • Learning focus boxes at the start of the chapter and section break down the learning outcomes into more manageable topics, supporting students in their revision
  • Knowledge checks appear at the end of every section, reinforcing the topic and giving students the confidence to move on