Provides everything students need to know and understand to achieve success in Junior Cycle Business Studies.

Enterprise - Junior Cycle Business Studies

  • Exam-focused content (modelling SEE) prepares students for the new written exam
  • Provides a logical and thematic sequence to the outcomes
  • Embeds the CBAs while preparing for the exam
  • Embraces the common level with stimulating and achievable content

Why Enterprise?


  • Examination tips
  • Simple, structured content
  • Clear definitions
  • Dictionary of terms
  • Stop and Write! to apply learning to the topic
  • Summary of important Key Terms
  • Write it! and Stop and Think! encourage study skills
  • Know it! highlights key areas of learning
  • Exam-focused Question Time

Logical and thematic sequence

  • Example of the logical sequence: Unit 2 and Unit 3 (LOs 1.2, 1.12 and 1.13) cover income, expenditure AND budgeting
  • Top Topics – the main themes of the Learning Outcomes
  • Learning Intentions to tick off

Common level

  • Includes information the learner may already know
  • Before we Begin
  • Simple step-by-step content
  • Visual Summary Map

Embedding the CBAs – not just an add-on!

  • The JC Business Times
  • Research it!
  • Activity Book
  • Last chapter in each strand