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Shortcuts to Success: History

Shortcuts to Success teach you the exam success tips that have been shown to work. Written by teachers with a proven track record of exam success, they will show you how to achieve your best results.

  • Focuses carefully on what is asked in Junior Certificate History
  • Is crisp, to the point and presented in clear, straightforward language
  • Covers the entire course in beautifully illustrated pages
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January 2006




Paperback, 176 pages

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Gill Education


1.Investigting the Past
2.Life in the Roman Empire (an ancient civilisation outside Ireland)
3.Ancient Ireland
4.Early Christian Ireland
5.The Middle Ages
6.Monks and Friars
7.The Renaissance
8.Exploration and Discovery
9.The Reformation
10.Plantations in Ireland
11.Revolution in America:1775-1881
12.The French Revolution:1789-1799
13.Revolution in Ireland: 1798
14.The Agricultural Revolution
15.The Industrial Revolution
16.The Transport Revolution
17.Ireland in the mid-nineteenth century
18.The Home Rule Crisis in Ireland: 1910-1914
19.The Easter Rising and after: 1916-1918
20.War of Independence and Civil War: 1919-1923
21.Cummann na nGaedheal in power: 1923-1932
22.Fianna F il in Government: 1932-1948
23.The Inter-Party Government: 1948-1951]
24.From 1950 onwards
25.Northern Ireland: 1920-2000


245 x 175 mm


By Charles Hayes

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Charles Hayes is a highly experienced teacher of history and geography at St Mary’s High School, Midleton, Co Cork. He has written several successful textbooks

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