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Faith in Action

Ideal for both non-exam and exam classes
Covers a broad range of philosophical, religious and moral issues, drawn from
the new Leaving Certificate syllabus, including:
the search for meaning
the nature of religious faith
the challenges to religious faith
the existence of God
life after death
the life, death and resurrection of Jesus
making moral decisions
key contemporary moral issues
Offers a clear, balanced and accessible treatment of these topics, considering
both the Christian and non-Christian viewpoints
Beautifully illustrated throughout

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Publication Date

March 2008




Paperback, 259 pages

Country of Origin



Gill Education


Section A
1 The Search for Meaning
2 The Aspects of Religion
3 The Origins of Religion
4 Religious Faith
5 The Existence of God
6 Evil and Suffering
7 Life after Death
Section B
8 The Evidence for the Life of Jesus of Nazareth
9 The Teachings of Jesus and their Impact
10 The Miracles of Jesus
11 The Condemnation of Jesus
12 The Death and Burial of Jesus
13 The Resurrection of Jesus
14 The Identity of Jesus
Addendum: The Da Vinci Code Controversy
Section C
15 The World`s Religions
16 Religious Faith in Contemporary Ireland
17 New Religious Movements and Cults
Section D
18 Introduction to Morality
19 Making Moral Decisions
20 Life Issues: Abortion and Cloning
21 Life Isssues: Euthanasia
22 War and Peace
23 Stewardship


277 x 220 mm


By Niall Boyle

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Niall Boyle, M.A., H.D.E., has co-authored several Religious Education textbooks, including the All About Faith series (for Junior Certificate) and The Challenge of God (for Senior Cycle).

Temporarily unavailable
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