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Our Dynamic World 5

Our Dynamic World 5: Culture and Identity covers such topics as: – Race – Language – Religion – Nationality. Our Dynamic World 5: Culture and Identity is written for Higher Level students; this is the only part of their examination where essay-type answers are required. It draws on concepts and examples already introduced in earlier ‘Our Dynamic World’ textbooks in order to reinforce the student’s grasp of key issues.

Packed with full-colour diagrams, maps and photographs. Contains plenty of activities which test the student’s ability to handle a variety of examination-type questions.

New syllabus checklist is included for ease of reference.

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April 2004




Paperback, 96 pages

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Gill Education


Section 1 The Dynamics of Population
1 Racial and Ethnic Groups
2 Racial Location Patterns and Racial Characteristics
3 Multiracial Societies
4 Racial Mixing
5 Racial Conflict
6 The Impact of Colonisation and Migration on Racial Patterns
7 Language as a Cultural Indicator
8 The Origin and Spread of Languages
9 The Influence of Mass Media on Language
10 Policies for Survival of Minority Languages
11 Religion as a Cultural Indicator
12 The Distribution of the World’s Major Religions
13 The Relationship Between Church and State
14 Religious Conflict
15 Everyday Expressions of Culture and Identity
Section 2 Nationality
16 The Nation-State
17 Issues Relating to Physical and Political Boundaries
18 Cultural Groups Within Nation-States
19 Cultural Groups Without Nationality
20 Conflicts Between National Governments and Cultural Groups


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By Patrick O'Dwyer

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Out of print

Patrick O’Dwyer, Convent of Mercy Secondary School, Doon, Co. Limerick, is highly regarded by geography teachers throughout Ireland for his widely used textbooks, particularly Landscapes of the World, as well as for his popular ‘Less Stress: More Success’ revision guides for both Junior and Leaving Certificate geography.

Out of print
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