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Comprises five theme-based units, each of which may be used as a complete sample paper.

A jargon-free approach, with comprehensive notes, clear guidelines, and a variety of modern texts.

Suitably challenging for Higher Level students, but each unit also contains texts that Ordinary Level candidates may work on with confidence.

Each Unit contains : Section A: Comprehending – Four stimulating texts, including photograph, with pre-reading exercises and reading questions, modelled precisely on the revised Leaving Certificate paper.

Section B: Focus on ... – Concentrates on a specific genre in each unit. Clear definitions and short text examples of each one, with commentary on its individual features.

Section C: Composing – Practical advice and notes on all stages of the composition process. Essay titles are specifically linked to the Comprehending texts from Section A, and to the overall theme of the unit, as in the exam format.

Section D: Language Skills – Exercises to heighten awareness of how language is used to convey meaning. Practice in the mechanics of language, i.e. punctuation and spelling, and efficiency of language use, i.e. syntax, use of lively, interesting phrasing.

Sample Answer to Comprehending exercises in Units 2-5.

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Publication Date

April 2002




Paperback, 256 pages

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Gill Education


Unit 1 Theme: Youth and Identity
Section A Comprehending: Four texts
Section B Focus on . . . The Language of Narration
Section C Composing: Planning the Writing the Composition; Seven
essay titles with notes on genres
Section D Language Skills: Efficiency of Language
Use 1; Punctuation; Spelling
Unit 2 Theme: Race and Racism
Section A Comprehending: Four Texts; sample answer
Section B Focus on . . . The Language of Argument
Section C Composing: Starting the Essay
Seven essay titles with notes on genres
Section D Language Skills: Efficiency of Language
Use 2; Syntax; Punctuation; Spelling
Unit 3 Theme: Man and Nature
Section A Comprehending: Four texts; sample answer
Section B Focus on . . . The Language of Information
Section C Composing: Engaging with the text
Seven essay titles with notes engaging with the text
Section D Language Skills: Effi


244 x 175 mm


By Mary O'Maolmhuire

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Mary O’Maolmhuire teaches English at Loreto College, Swords, Co. Dublin. She is the author of Watch Your Language! which tackles the difficulties many students have with grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary.

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