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New English Experience 1

Introduces students to a wide range of personal, imaginative and factual texts, including autobiographies, diaries, letters, short stories, novel extracts, drama extracts, poems, reports, reviews, advertisements and articles.

Encourages students to develop personal and critical responses to the texts, to create their own texts and to use reference resources, including the Internet.

Provides opportunities for drama activities and debating.

Covers essential aspects of grammar and punctuation.

Establishes learning objectives at the outset of each chapter.

Appeals to Junior certificate students through its layout, colourful design and use of cartoons and photographs.

The series covers the Junior Certificate syllabus, while preparing students for the Leaving Certificate programme.

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Publication Date

March 2007




Paperback, 324 pages

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Gill Education


1. Texts
2. Narrative Fiction: The Short Story
3. Punctuation Matters
4. Narrative Fiction: Novels
5. Nouns and Pronouns
6. Letter Writing
7. Verbs
8. Factual Texts
9. Adjectives and Adverbs
10. Poetry
11. Drama and Debating
12. Newspapers and Cartoons
13. Advertising


277 x 219 mm


By Marie Dunne, Rex Sadler and Tom Hayllar

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Out of print

Marie Dunne teaches in Loreto Secondary School, Bray, Co. Wicklow. She has been an examiner for many years. Rex Sadler and Tom Hayllar are experienced teachers and authors of numerous acclaimed English textbooks.

Out of print
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