Mol an Óige

Mol an Óige 1,2 and 3 is the Complete Solution for Junior Cycle Irish and is fully in line with the Specifications for Junior Cycle Irish (L2)

Mol an Óige - Complete Solution for Junior Cycle Irish

The Mol an Óige series is the Complete Solution for Junior Cycle Irish. Mol an Óige 1, 2 and 3 are fully in line with the Specification for Junior Cycle Irish (L2), the Junior Cycle Framework and the Assessment Guidelines for Irish.

Every feature has been conceived to ensure your teaching is in line with the Learning Outcomes and prepares students for the various assessment methods they will encounter

Mol an Óige 1

  • Literature starts each unit of learning (as recommended by the DES and JCT)
  • Includes literature from the official prescribed list – no other books needed!
  • Na Torthaí Foghlama given for each section to aid planning
  • FREE Punann agus Leabhar Gníomhaíochta supports the learning journey

Why Mol an Óige 1?

  • Each unit begins with a piece of literature (as recommended by the NCCA and JCT) that sets the scene for the theme.
  • The literature chosen for Mol an Óige 1 is taken from the NCCA-prescribed literature (an liosta molta).
  • Each unit explores the related theme with an engaging variety of activities covering the five skills for Cumas Cumarsáide (communicative
  • Learning Outcomes (Torthaí foghlama) have been unpacked into student-friendly learning intentions.
  • Cur i Láthair sections provide students with content, vocabulary and methods to present on a range of topics.
  • Assessment for Learning (Measúnú chun Foghlama: McF) is referenced throughout (selfassessment, pairwork, groupwork, etc.).
  • Various aspects of Irish culture and Gaeltacht life are covered very comprehensively throughout the units.
  • Each unit provides Punann tasks and activities so students can apply what they have learned and reflect on their language journey.
  • An accessible revision section at the end of the chapter allows for both revision and reflection.