Gill Education Golden Ticket Giveaway!

Terms and Conditions for the Gill Education Golden Ticket Giveaway Promotion

1. The promoter is M.H. Gill & Co (Unlimited Company t/a Gill Education (“Gill Education”) Gill Education, Hume Avenue, Park West, Dublin, D12 YV96, Ireland.

2. Certain primary schools (“Schools”) have been selected by Gill Education as the recipients of a special promotion pack which will be sent out to Schools by Gill Education in May 2017 (“Promotion Packs”).

3. There is a single “Golden Ticket” hidden in one of the Gill Education sample primary books being sent to Schools in the Promotion Packs. For the avoidance of doubt, there is just one Golden Ticket available to be won as part of this promotion.

4. Subject to these terms and conditions, if a teacher in a School finds the Golden Ticket inside one of the sample books received by their School in a Promotion Pack, that School (“Winning School”) will be entitled to claim the Gift (see clause 5 below),.

5. The Giveaway prizes (“the Gift”) will consist of:

  • A choice of one of three staff outing packages for the staff in the Winning School (see clause 12 below for further details);
  • One class set (max 33 students per class) of each of Gill Education’s new activity books, Super Sleuth (for 1st Class to 6th Class inclusive) and Word Wizard (for Junior Infants to 6th Class inclusive) ;
  • A €500 voucher for school resources from the Gill Education Supplementary Literacy, Numeracy and Science Resources Catalogue, to be redeemed directly with Gill Education.

6. The Gift is not for commercial use. It is not transferable. The total value of the Gift is estimated to be €6,000. Cash in lieu will not be given and may not be claimed.

7. The Golden Ticket must be retained carefully as the Winning School must present it to Gill Education in order to claim the Gift.

8. In order to claim the Gift;

  • the Winning School must present the Golden Ticket to Gill Education (ref Anita Ruane t. 01 500 9538 or Marie Gray t. 01. 500 9564) on or before 31 May, 2017;
  • the Winning School must facilitate a presentation photo opportunity to Gill Education at the Winning School premises on a date to be agreed between the Winning School and Gill Education and in any event no later than 16 June, 2017;
  • the Winning School agrees that its name, location and the fact of its win may be published by Gill Education and any other third party in any medium or format including without limitation on social media;
  • the representative accepting the Gift for the Winning School will agree to have their name and image published by Gill Education and any other third party in any medium or format, including without limitation on social media, in connection with the Winning Schools win of the Gift; and
  • All elements of the Gift (including vouchers) must be redeemed and / or utilised on or before 31 December, 2017.

9. Gill Education’s decision will be final and binding in all matters relating to the Golden Ticket Giveaway promotion and no correspondence will be entered into by Gill Education concerning any dispute or complaint about the promotion.

10. Gill Education accepts no liability for any loss, damage or injury which may be sustained by any representative, staff member, pupil, parent and / or other person connected in any way with the Winning School, arising from his or her travel to or attendance at the Winning School or any other location for the formal presentation of the Gift.

11. In the event that the Winning School does not accept these terms and conditions then Gill Education may decline to award the Gift to that School and may award the Gift to another School based on selection criteria to be established by Gill Education at its sole discretion.

12. The range of staff outing packages (up to maximum value of €2,000)**, one of which may be selected by the Winning School as part of the Gift, are as follows:

  • A Night at the Dogs – an evening’s Greyhound racing at the racing stadium local to the Winning School; includes admission and race programme, 3 course dinner and a €6 tote betting voucher per person;
  • A staff Adventure Day with Segway Adventures ( - activities and venue to be selected by the Winning School in liaison with Segway Adventures;
  • A staff night out at a local dining venue of the Winning School’s choice.

** In the event that the cost of the selected staff outing package exceeds €2,000, Gill Education shall have no liability to discharge the excess sum and the Winning School shall be liable to the exclusion of Gill Education to discharge any such excess.

13. Capitalised terms indicating the plural in these terms and conditions shall mean the singular and vice versa where the context of the use of the applicable term so admits or requires; and, references to any gender in these terms and conditions shall be deemed reference to any other gender where the context of the use of the applicable term so admits or requires.


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