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Proposal Guidelines for School Textbooks

We look forward to receiving your proposal based on our guidelines. The proposal gives us an idea of your project in a clear and succinct manner. On submission, your proposal will be read by the Commissioning Editor for Primary or Secondary School Publishing at Gill Education, who will send it for review by one or more external advisors chosen by us for their specialist expertise.

The proposal should consist of:

  1. The Book title
    The proposed title and subtitle of the book.

  2. A brief description of the project’s scope and content
    provide a description of what makes your project distinctive.
    Explain how it will benefit the teacher and student, and also include information about the topic coverage, important features, major themes or approach.

  3. Table of Contents
    The subheadings will give us, and the reviewers, a feel for the depth of the project and its approach.

  4. Sample Chapters
    If possible, include two sample chapters that are integral to your project.

  5. Additional Information
    Please indicate how long you expect the project to be overall (in number of words or printed pages). Also, please indicate if you envisage using illustrations, such as tables, charts, photographs etc and if so, approximately how many.

Proposals may be submitted by post to:

Commissioning Editor School Publishing

Gill Education

Hume Avenue

Park West


D12 YV96


Gill Education,
Hume Avenue,
Park West,
D12 YV96,
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