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Developing Managers and Leaders

· Provides a theoretical understanding of the multiple components of management and leadership development

· Provides practical advice and ideas for current and future managers and leaders who wish to enhance their professional development in organisations

· Written for practitioners who design, implement and evaluate management and leadership development processes

· Also written for those undertaking specialist undergraduate programmes and postgraduate programmes of study, in which there is a focus on the development of managers and leaders

· The text has an attractive, full-colour design and is organised into four parts as follows:

Part One summarises key concepts and theories, the context of leadership development and the nature of management and leadership. Topics include: the scope and purpose of management and leadership development; the nature of managerial work; theoretical views on leadership; recent debates in leadership research.

Part Two focuses on organisational aspects of management and leadership development including: the positioning of management and leadership in organisations; the structure of leadership development activities; the use of competency-based approaches to leadership development and talent management.

Part Three analyses interventions and processes including: formal management and leadership development interventions; informal management and leadership development processes; and developmental relationships in organisations.

Part Four examines various aspects of management and leadership development for different groups and contexts. Topics include: individual development and self-managed learning; career development processes; and development issues associated with different groups. There is a focus on the comparative aspects of management and leadership development and an examination of whether there is convergence or divergence in thinking and practices on management and leadership development.


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Publication Date

May 2009




Hardback, 818 pages

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Gill Education


Chapter 1: Understanding Management and Leadership Development
Chapter 2: The Context of Management and Leadership Development
Chapter 3: Understanding Managers and Leaders in Organisations
Chapter 4: A Strategic Approach: Management and Leadership Development
Chapter 5: Structuring and Managing Leadership Development in Organisations
Chapter 6: Management and Leadership Competency Models
Chapter 7: Managing Talent and Succession in Organisations
Chapter 8: Formal Management and Leadership Development Interventions
Chapter 9: Using the Job to Develop Managers and Leaders
Chapter 10: Using Formal Development Relationships to Develop Managers and
Chapter 11: Informal and Incidental Management and Leadership Development
Chapter 12: Self-development and Self-managed Learning
Chapter 13: Career Management and Development
Chapter 14: Developing Management Teams, Top Teams and Senior


247 x 189 mm


By Thomas Garavan, Carole Hogan and Amanda Cahir-O'Donnell

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Thomas N. Garavan is Professor of Leadership at Edinburgh Napier Business School. He was formerly Professor and Associate Dean at Postgraduate Studies and Executive Education, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick. He teaches HRD, Training & Development and Leadership Development. He is author of more than 80 academic articles, Editor in Chief of the Journal of European Industrial Training and Associate Editor of Human Resource Development International. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Human Resource Development.

Carole Hogan is Director and Principal Consultant at Carole Hogan Associates. She has more than 30 years’ experience in consultation and research. Her particular areas of expertise are: management and leadership development; programme design, delivery and evaluation; developing executive coaching and mentoring relationships; team and organisational development. Carole is currently a doctoral candidate focusing on the area of management learning and development.

Amanda Cahir-O’Donnell is the Founding Director of TIO Consulting Ltd., which specialises in Learning and Management Consultancy. She has almost twenty years of experience in developing managers, leaders and teams across diverse industry sectors. Previously, she established and led the Learning and Development Function in AIB Capital Markets. Amanda’s areas of expertise include: management and leadership development; executive coaching; mentoring; team development; and organisation development.

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