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Education in Ireland

A contemporary snapshot of Irish education, this book positions 21st-century Irish education at the centre of the creation of the knowledge economy. Divided into three parts, it outlines the challenges and changes presented as a result of a changing education system and society.

The book is divided into three parts, each dedicated to a specific theme:
Part one: The Changing System
• Charts selected changes that have taken place in Irish education in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries
• Considers education’s role in building a knowledge economy and social cohesion
Part two: Diversity & Inclusion in Schools
• Analyses the changes in Irish schools based on the results of original research on change, diversity, inclusion and on ethnicity, disability and social class disadvantage
• Draws together key findings relating to the impact of increasing diversity in Irish schools in comparison with international trends
Part three: Teacher Education for Changing Times
• Presents research on teacher education at all stages of the teaching career and discusses how teachers can adapt to the challenges of change
• Highlights new evidence relating to the recruitment, formation and continuing professional development of teachers

Each chapter is written by an expert in the field and supported by the most up-to-date research and findings
ESSENTIAL READING FOR Graduate Diplomas in Education & Masters in Education courses Primary & Secondary Teacher Education courses Sociology and Social Policy courses Policy makers and general readers

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Publication Date

December 2009




Paperback, 252 pages

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Gill Education


Part One: The Changing System
1: The legacy of legislation and the pragmatics of policy: historical
perspectives on schooling for Irish children
Deirdre Raftery
2: ‘Words importing the masculine gender includes females’: women at UCD in the
first decade of the 20th century
Judith Harford
3: Education and the knowledge economy: a challenge for Ireland in changing
Sheelagh Drudy
Part Two: Diversity and Inclusion in Schools
4: Migrant children’s perspectives on policy and practice in Irish schools
Dympna Devine
5: Are inclusive schools possible? Children with disabilities and special
educational needs in second level schools
William Kinsella
6: ADHD: inclusion or exclusion in mainstream Irish schools?
Joyce Senior
7: Inclusion in primary school; experience in Ireland and the USA
Máirin Barry
8: Language, socio-economic class and education


234 x 156 mm


Edited by Sheelagh Drudy

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Out of print

Sheelagh Drudy is a professor at the School of Education, UCD.

Out of print
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